How To Fix The PS3 Controller

Knowing how to fix the PS3 controller is important if you are having issues.  Often connecting it manually or resetting the controller will fix any problems.  However, further measures may be needed.  Take the following steps into account and learn how to fix the PS3 controller.

  1. Connect the controller manually.  If the system doesn't recognize the PS3 controller, often manually connecting it to the device will restore the connection.  This may also help if your problem is related to the battery, which it may simply need to be recharged.  Also make sure that there are no other wireless BlueTooth devices around, as these may interfere with the PS3 signal.
  2. Reset the controller.  On the back of the PS3 controller there is a small button to reset the controller.  Try this when the system is turned off.
  3. Try another controller.  If the problem is mechanical in one controller, your options may be limited.  Try another PS3 controller to help determine if the problem is in the controller or the PS3.
  4. Reset the PS3.  This is especially helpful if the problem is with the PS3.  Resetting the PS3 will erase all game data and restore it to its original state.  Back up all game data and see if this will help.
  5. Consider final options.  You may have to consider other options if the previous steps do not work.  If the problem is with the PS3 you may need to send it to Sony for repair.  However, if the problem is with a single controller, buying a new PS3 controller may be the best option.
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