How To Fix The PS3 Mic From Not Letting You Talk

If you need to know how to fix the PS3 mic from not letting you talk, you probably purchased the official headset that game with the game. Bluetooth headsets can work with the console, but they have their own issues. Certain Playstation 3 games have come with an official PS3 headset that requires the user to put them into an advice.

Things you'll need to fix your PS3 mic:

  • Playstation 3
  • Certain Playstation 3 games (all mentioned in the article)
  1. Turn off Headquarters mode in Playstation 3 games. "Tom Clancy’s End War" uses this setup. Removing the setup will let a person talk on their microphone in most cases. If turning Headquarters mode off does not work, more drastic measures need to be taken to fix the microphone.
  2. Load "BioShock" or "BioShock 2." Kill a few Big Daddies. Playing "BioShock" will not help you fix the microphone, but it is fun. To fix the mic from not letting you talk, remove the microphone fro the list of supported devices in the system menu.
  3. Plug the mic back into the PS3. Restart the console and the PS3 will recognize the microphone. Go into the system setup menu and adjust the volume settings. Test the microphone to see if other people can hear you online. If it works, you are free to play.
  4. Check to see if the cords in the PS3 mic are good. Sometimes loose wires can prevent a microphone from working properly. Look inside the microphone casing for loose wires. An electronics expert can solder them, but it is easy to replace the unit for most people.


  • If the PS3 mic still isn’t letting you talk, try a different piece of equipment. Bluetooth headsets can work easily with the system.
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