How To Fix The Ps3 Red Screen Of Death Myself

If you are wondering how to fix the PS3 red screen of death myself, then chances are you are having some major trouble with your precious Playstation 3 console. As you know the most common thing to do when you get PS3 trouble is to send the console off to Sony to have it repaired. This can be frustrating and expensive; however, there are ways around it that can have you gaming again in no time as you learn to fix your PS3 yourself. Follow these steps to fix the Playstation 3 red screen.

  1. Access the recovery menu. Turn your console off to do this. Hold the power button down and let the system turn itself back on and off. After the second shut down, press the power button again until it beeps twice. The screen will instruct you to plug in a controller via USB cable (wireless will not work in recovery mode).
  2. Download the latest system update by choosing the "System Update" option. Many times the red screen of death on your PS3 console comes from a bad firmware update. You need to re-update your system manually by doing this in the recovery console.
  3. Reset the console and try it. Many times the preceding method resolves the red screen of death on your Ps3 console. If it did not, then you have a hardware malfunction that will need repair by the Sony repair service.


Be careful in the recovery menu. You can erase all saved data from your PS3 hard drive if you choose the wrong option.

Tip: If this method does not resolve your problem, then contact Sony at 1-800-345-7669.



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