How To Fix Ps3 When Game Freezes

Learning about how to fix your PS3 when a game freezes can be a priceless nugget of information. Along with the advent of new technology come problems associated with that technology. The PS3 is no exception, so it's important to know what causes PS3 game freezes and what you can do to repair your console. Use these steps to help you learn how to fix freezing games on your PS3.

To fix your PS3 when a game freezes, you will need:

  • Can of pressurized air
  • Soft cloth or micro fiber cloth
  • Glass cleaner
  1. Blow pressurized air into the game disc compartment. Many times game freezing is caused by dirt or dust collecting in the disc tray inside of the PS3. Point the nozzle of the pressurized air can into the disc tray and give it a few puffs.
  2. Place your console in a friendlier environment. This means you should never have your PS3 directly on the carpet since that won't allow excess heat to escape the console and could eventually lead to game freezes. Place it on a hard, smooth surface and never pack it into a space where it cannot get proper ventilation.
  3. Clean your game disc. This is the most common cause for PS3 game freezes. Use a soft cloth or a micro fiber cloth and spray a small bit of glass cleaner on the disc. Buff it in a circular motion.


  • Disc reading errors can sometimes mean your system has a fatal manufacturing flaw you will not be able to fix with these techniques. If that is the case, you should contact Sony immediately at 1-800-345-7669.



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