How To Fix A Quartz Watch

Learning how to fix a quartz watch can be difficult especially since it can be delicate. You should know what problem lies with your watch before attempting to fix it. In some cases, you may have to take your watch to a jeweler for repair.

To fix a quartz watch, you will need:

  • Case opener
  • Watch case holder
  • .8 mm to 1 mm watchmaker’s screwdriver
  1. Determine the problem with your quartz watch. Are the hands moving? Do you have trouble removing the stem? Identify the problem before attempting to fix the watch.
  2. Replace the battery only if the hands do not move. Carefully open the back of the quartz watch with a watchmaker’s screwdriver. Take out the old battery and replace it with a fresh battery. Screw the back of the watch into place.
  3. Remove the stem from your quartz watch. Open the back of the watch with the case opener and screw open the case with the screwdriver. Put the case into your case holder for safe holding.
  4. Locate the stem push button by its label. Otherwise, you will see a tiny spring. Push it down with your screwdriver and pull it out. It should jump out of the case.
  5. Replace the case. Put it back into place with the case opener and screwdriver. Set the quartz watch and put it on your wrist. See if the watch works as it should. If not, take it to a jeweler for repairs.


  • Some watchmakers may not be able to help with newer watches such as quartz watches.
  • Repairs range in price from affordable to very high. Do your shopping before settling on a certain jeweler.
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