How To Fix Ram

Need to know how to fix ram? It is difficult to actually fix ram. This is because it belongs to one chip which is fused and soldered together onto a wafer. Even computer repair companies and specialists do not actually fix ram. The majority of the time they simply replace it with a new stick. This is where the real challenge of fixing ram takes place.

  1. Usually, it is hard to diagnose bad ram making it hard to fix ram, especially if you are not experienced with doing so. There are often multiple sticks of ram in a computer which can make discovering which one is bad that much harder. Sometimes it will be necessary to diagnose ram problems using programs specifically designed for discovering bad memory in order to fix ram.
  2. You can also check the memory or ram, manually, for defects. To do this, open your computer and look for the thin memory sticks which are inserted in rows into the motherboard of the computer. Release the memory from the motherboard carefully and check for defects on the memory. These can be raised bubbles, burn marks, warps, or bends in the memory. Also check to make sure the memory was properly seated in its slot.
  3. It is also wise to test each stick of memory, one at a time, and see how the computer runs and functions. This will decrease the variables when trying to look for bad ram. You can also attempt to switch out one stick of memory with another that you know works or with a new stick to decrease the variables.

The good news is most memory is very stable and they do not fail often. They are also fairly cheap compared to other computer parts.

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