How To Fix Schwinn Hitchhiker

If you want to ride a bike safely with your child in tow, you should learn how to fix Schwinn Hitchhiker bicycles. The Schwinn Hitchhiker is a tandem bicycle trailer that attaches to the back of an adult bicycle. You use it to teach your child how to ride a bike. It is a helpful tool for learning how to cycle, so make sure you keep it in good condition.

Things You May Need:

  • Replacement parts
  • Tools
  • Warranty


  1. Try to fix a Schwinn Hitchhiker on your own. If the Hitchhiker does not work properly, there are many potential safety issues for your child. Check the coupler attachment and make sure it is tightly fastened to the adult’s bicycle. If the Hitchhiker is wobbly, this may be the problem.  
  2. Check the pedals to fix a Schwinn Hitchhiker. If the pedals are loose your child will have difficulty helping you out on a ride. Both the adult bicycle and the Hitchhiker pedals power you when you are riding with your child, so unless you want to do all of the riding by yourself make sure that you fix Schwinn Hitchhiker pedals. Replace them if necessary by calling the manufacturer.
  3. Make sure you check your warranty before you fix a Schwinn Hitchhiker. If the product is covered you should not have to pay for the repairs. Contact the number on your warranty card and find out how to proceed with the repairs. You may be able to swap the Hitchhiker out for a new one, or you may just receive a replacement part.  
  4. Go to a bicycle shop to fix a Schwinn Hitchhiker. If you cannot diagnose or fix the problem on your own and the Hitchhiker is no longer under warranty, it is worth the expense to have a professional repair it for you. Any problems can result in your child sustaining an injury, so do not use the Hitchhiker until it is properly fixed.
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