How To Fix A Seperated Zipper

Your zipper doesn't work and your faced with the dilemma, how to fix a separated zipper.  Have no fear, sliding the zipper slider up and down may realign the teeth temporarily and make it seem as if the separated zipper is fixed. But the flaw in the zipper is likely to cause it to separate again. Here’s what you should do to fix a separated zipper once and for all. 

To fix your separated zipper you will need: 


  • A pair of pliers or tweezers.
  • A pair of thin-tipped scissors.
  • a needle and thread.

Follow these steps to fix your separated zipper:

  • Make sure the separated zipper is worth fixing. Look over the zipper teeth. If one has broken off, the zipper is no longer worth fixing, because it will continue to separated unexpectedly. However, if one of the teeth is only bent, you can use a pair of pliers or tweezers to gently pull the tooth back into alignment. If all the teeth look fine, the separated zipper is well worth fixing.
  • Remove the zipper stopper. To fix your separated zipper, begin by using a pair of pliers or tweezers to remove the metal band (stopper) that secures the two opposing rows of zipper teeth. Next, slide the zipper slider (the metal handle) all the way down below the end of the zipper teeth, but take care not to get the slider off the zipper entirely. If you do, you will need to slide the zipper slider back on, which will add a little more work to fixing your separated zipper, as you will need to remove the stitching that keeps the bottom of the zipper in place.
  • Realign the zipper teeth. Now that the zipper stopper is removed and the slider is out of the way, realign the bottom zipper teeth so they fit perfectly into each other, then pull the slider over them and all the way up the zipper. If the teeth fit well together, this will fix your separated zipper. You can then sew a line over the end of the zipper to create a new stopper with thread.
  • If the zipper teeth refuses to realign. It’s likely that the teeth will refuse to realign as you try to fix the separated zipper. This will allow you to see the problem that caused the zipper to separate in the first place. Most likely, one side of the zipper was too high compared to the other and the teeth can’t meet properly. To fix this and stop the zipper from separating again, use thin-tipped scissors to remove the stitches that hold one side of the zipper in place. Next, try to realign the teeth again, using the zipper slider to secure the loose side of the zipper to the other side. Once the zipper is closed, you can sew the loose side back. Then finish fixing your separated zipper by sewing a line over the end of the zipper to create a new stopper with thread, to replace the metal one you had removed.
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