How To Fix Short Circuit In Stereo Receiver

Knowing how to fix a short circuit in stereo receiver may just be a simple reconnection of cables. But there are times that when you deal with short circuits, this could lead to a worse case scenario like sparked or burned parts. However, if your case isn’t like that, then the following short circuit steps might just work for you. 

What you need to fix a short circuit in a stereo r eceiver:

  • Flashlight
  • Cleaning cloth
  1. Check all the connections if they are connected properly. The cable connections should be properly connected to their respective terminals. Refer to your stereo receiver’s manual to recheck if the connections are right.
  2. The speaker wires should be connected without any stray strands. This may cause unbalanced sound or no sound at all. Check if the connecters needed cleaning too.
  3. If the sound is unbalanced, see if the speaker and component cables are connected accordingly or check the balance control if it’s adjusted correctly.
  4. If there’s noise produced when you turn on the stereo, check if the connections are at least 3 meters away from the transformer. Your TV set should also be separated from the audio or the stereo component. Check the ground wires if they are connected properly with the antenna’s ground terminal.

Tips/Warnings: If the above steps still won’t help you fix the short circuit problem, contact your dealer or call their customer service. There may be burned parts on the receiver or defected cable. To be safe and secure about replacing these check the product warranty. Ensure that when you are trying to fix the short circuit problem of your stereo receiver, the power cable is unplugged and you are working in a well lit area.

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