How To Fix Slippery Shoes

Want to know how to fix slippery shoes? New shoes can be the ultimate accessory that takes an outfit to perfect. The soles of the shoes, if slippery, can be dangerous. Take your mind off of slipping and onto the fun of the evening by removing the slippery surface. There are several ways to make slippery shoes safe without spending a fortune too. In fact, many of these ways can be used with the items that may already be in the household.

  1. Hair spray is not just for hair anymore. Spray the soles of each shoe to make it sticky. This will make the soles adhere to the ground better. This is an effective fix but only temporary.
  2. Sandpaper is an effective and more permanent tool for removing a slippery sole. Lightly sand the bottom of the soles to roughen them. This will make them less slippery like the concrete ground.
  3. If sandpaper isn't on hand, another inexpensive way to make the sole less slippery is by scuffing them up on the concrete outside. This can be done while wearing them or rubbing them by hand until they are rough.
  4. If a neater, more professional look is sought after, there is always the option of purchasing shoe accessories made just for taking away the slip on the sole of the shoe. They cost just a few dollars and can be found at most shoe stores. Keeping along the lines of professional, they can be applied by a professional shoe repair. Just take your shoes in and have them done professionally if you want to make sure they are applied correctly.
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