How To Fix A Sony Rear Projection Tv

There is nothing better then knowing how to fix a Sony rear projection TV when it breaks. They can be costly to repair. Therefore, it's best to learn how to do it on your own.


  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • flathead screwdriver
  • Digital multimeter
  • Magnetic coil (optional, depending on problem with TV)
  1. The first thing to do when figuring out how to fix a Sony repair projection TV is to consult the TV's troubleshooting guide. You might be able to resolve the problem by simply following the steps it lists.
  2. Use a service manual to get a diagram of the circuits that are in the TV. This will be very important when it comes to completing the following steps.
  3. Get all of the necessary tools together. You are going to need both a Phillips head and a flathead screwdriver. These will be used to remove the back shell of the TV.
  4. In some instances you will need a digital multimeter. This will test the circuits on the TV. You can then use those readings to figure out how to fix a Sony rear projection TV.
  5. If your TV has a blurry picture, then wiggle the coax cable or move the antenna around. If the picture fluctuates, then you have a loose connection. If the connection is not loose, then you have a bad coax cable.
  6. If the screen has blotches of color on it, when figuring out how to fix a Sony rear projection TV, you will learn that the TV has become magnetized. You will need a strong magnetic coil to fix it. Make circular motions with the coil around the screen until the magnet loses contact.
  7. If the TV is randomly shutting off, it's probably due to overheating. Learning how to fix a Sony rear projection TV with this problem is relatively easy. Just be sure to remove all heat-emitting objects away from the TV.
  8. If you need to replace a part, consult with the TV's service manual. Always unplug the TV when you are replacing a part within it. The service manual will tell you how to fix a Sony rear projection TV by describing the parts and where they are located.
  9. After figuring out how to fix a Sony rear projection TV, put it all back together. Put the shell back on the TV and make sure the screws are secure. Then plug it back in and make sure the repairs were a success.


  • Never attempt to do anything electrical when the TV is still plugged in.
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