How To Fix A Soyo LCD Television

Learn how to fix a Soyo LCD Television set to get your TV back. If your Soyo LCD is not working correctly, you may want to have your television set repaired.  Having your television repaired may be more economical compared to purchasing a new set. Your repair options will vary based on the age of the Soyo LCD Television and where you purchased the TV set.

Here are the steps you should perform to fix your Soyo television set:

  1. Perform basic troubleshooting. Perform some basic trouble shooting before you call Soyo for service. Verify that the Television is plugged in, and there is power available to the AC outlet. If your remote for your Soyo is not working, try a fresh set of batteries.
  2. Check the date of the initial LCD TV purchase. If you recently purchased the LCD television (generally under 30-45 days), you may be able to return the Soyo directly to the retailer. This option is the best, as you will be provided with a new Soyo TV.  If your TV is beyond the return window date, you will need to do additional work to obtain a television repair.
  3. Check your Soyo Owners Manual. Review the paperwork guide, and find out how long the initial factory warranty lasts. If your TV is still under factory warranty, you will have to call Soyo to fix the LCD television set.  Depending on how long you have had the Television, labor may or may not be covered.  Parts and labor are usually billed separately for Soyo LCD Television sets. 
  4. Check for 3rd party warranty coverage. If your Soyo is beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period, check your original receipt for extended warranty coverage. If you purchased a 3rd party warranty, call the number on the brochure for repair on your Soyo LCD TV. The 3rd party warranty coverage will usually begin after the factory warranty period expires on your Soyo.
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