How To Fix A Speaker

Anyone who plays a lot of music needs to learn how to fix a speaker.  Luckily, fixing a speaker yourself is possible and is not too difficult to learn.  The following guide will help you learn how to fix a speaker.

To fix a speaker, you will need:

  • Your speaker
  • A screwdriver
  • Duct tape
  • A soldering iron
  1. First, use the equalizer on your stereo system to determine which speaker is not producing proper sound.  Lower the volume of all the speakers but one, and listen to some music.  Do this until you have listened to each speaker alone and can determine which one is not working properly.
  2. Next, to fix your speaker, you will need to take off the metal grating or the cloth that is covering it.  Use a screwdriver to remove the metal grid or gently pry off the fabric.  Be careful not to damage the fabric or you may need to replace it.
  3. Examine the cone of your speaker.  To fix the speaker you will need to use duct tape to cover any holes or tears.  This may fix your speaker if there is no further damage.
  4. Next, examine the voice coil in your speaker.  If the metal appears to be melted, you will have to replace the speaker.
  5. Instead of replacing the speaker, you can order a replacement coil from the speaker's manufacturer. 
  6. When you get the replacement coil, you will need to carefully remove the existing coil and attach the new one exactly as the original was attached.  This will be different for each speaker, but will probably require a soldering iron be used to properly attach the wires.
  7. Your speaker should now be fixed!
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