How To Fix Spin Cycle On Washing Machine

If your spin cycle has died on you, then you need to learn how to fix the spin cycle on a washing machine and get it running again. Your washing machine is your gold mine to keeping your clothes clean. Without it you sometime feel very overwhelmed with the clothes that are piling up when it is not working. If you would like to save some money then you can learn how to fix spin cycle on washing machine. You can be clearing that laundry basket sooner than you think.

  1. Check the position. Make sure the clothes are positioned correctly, the placement could be causing the spinning to stop. Sometimes the clothes tend to rotate to one side and this can throw the balance off the machine causing it to be stuck.
  2. Check the tab on the lid. If repositioning is not your problem then it may be possible that the lid is. If the tab that is inserted when lid closes is broken then it will not work. The tab acts as a sensor and causes the machine to run when the lid is closed. If this lid is not working then it will have to be replaced. If you feel comfortable enough to replace the tab then please do. Refer to your manufacturers manual for assistance with this.
  3. Check the washing machine belt. If the belt is loose or broken then it is also a cause for the machine to not work properly. Try to tighten the belt if you know how, if that does not help then you will have to replace the belt. Replacing the belt is a bit of a job because it involves disassembling the machine. If you are unsure how to do this, call a repairman.
  4. Factor out any causes. Once you have exhausted previous causes then it may be time to call in a professional. There could be numerous reasons that it is not working that you can not detect. If this is the case then contact the company that you purchased the washer from. In most cases there is a warranty in place and they will be able to come to your home and make the repairs for you free of charge.
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