How To Fix Spinning Watch Dial On A Citizen Watch

Need to know how to fix a spinning dial on a Citizen watch? In a short answer, take it to the watchmaker and have it fixed. That is probably the best idea for most people. In order to fix a dial the watch must be taken apart, something that is not for everyone. It requires some skill, patience, and some specialized tools. This article will provide an overview for those who are interested in performing this procedure themselves. But you will have to decide if you wish to proceed further.

To fix a spinning watch dial on a Citizen watch you will need:

  • Watchmakers screwdriver
  • Case knife
  • Case back wrench
  • Watch dial adhesive
  • Plastic tweezers
  • Loupe
  • Hand remover
  • Case stand
  • Case back press
  • Polishing cloth
  • Additional tools and items as needed, depending upon the individual watch, condition, and other variables
  1. Remove case back. Use the correct tools and remove the case back from the watch.
  2. Remove stem. Use the correct tools and remove the stem of the watch if it has one. It may be threaded in place or held in by a detent.
  3. Remove watch movement. Use the tweezers and remove the movement retaining ring, carefully so as not to damage the movement. Then remove the movement from the case and sit it on the stand.
  4. Remove hands. Using great care use the hand puller and remove the hands. They are fairly fragile and easy to damage, so sit them in a safe place.
  5. Determine a reason why the watch face is rotating. Most faces have to nibs which fit into slots in the movement and hold the face in place. These may be damaged, or the face might have been replaced with one that did not fit. In either case the face may need to be glued in place.
  6. Re-attach watch face. Fit the nibs in place or use the dial adhesive and glue the dial carefully in place. Use small amounts and take great care not to get it on anything other than the back of the face. Especially into the movement.
  7. Set hands in place. Use the tweezers and reset the hands in place on the watch. Get them back in the correct order, hour, minute, second. You may wish to watch the movement of the hands for a day to insure they move freely and completely before putting the watch back together.
  8. Place movement in the case. Carefully replace the movement in the case. Use the tweezers to put the movement ring back in place to hold the movement in place.
  9. Replace stem. Carefully replace the stem, either push it into the detent or screw if in place depending upon its method of attachment.
  10. Replace case back. Use the correct tool, case back press, screw driver, or case wrench and put the case back onto the watch and attach it securely. Make sure any gaskets do not get damaged while doing so.
  11. Polish watch. Use the polishing cloth and polish any fingerprints off the watch.

That is the basic procedure to fix a spinning dial on a Citizen watch. You may or may not wish to attempt it depending upon your confidence level in your mechanical abilities. Good luck if you do wish to pursue this project.

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