How To Fix Squeaky Pedal On Piano

Need to know how to fix a squeaky pedal on a piano? The squeaky sound in a piano pedal can be traced back to a contact point between a metal part and a covered felt or  covered leather area that has become dry or hard. The squeaky sound could be coming from many places, the frame could be rubbing on the piano or the hinge pin in the pedal may be squeaking in the wood to name just a few causes. Before doing anything, be sure to troubleshoot by locating where the squeaky sound is coming from. Below are a few suggested tips that may help to rid your piano of the squeaky sound.

Things you'll need:

  • Sewing machine oil or Hair clipper oil
  • A piece of felt or leather
  • Screw driver (optional)
  1. Begin at the lowest part of your piano by opening the bottom part of the upright, then press damper pedal and listen as you press also check to see if pedal levels are rubbing together.
  2. Use a light grade oil and rub on the wood parts where they touch also apply oil to the pivot point that are near the pedals. Press pedal down so that the oil will penetrate the joints.
  3. Check screws that may have come loose and tighten.
  4. To prevent wood pieces from touching, place piece of felt or leather in place.
  5. If you have a Grand piano try removing the lyre and oil the hinge pins in the pedal box. Remove the bottom box and check levels under key bed. Lubricate all moving parts with oil.
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