How To Fix Standby On A Kenwood KDC 138

Ever wonder how to fix standby on a Kenwood KDC 138? This CD receiver’s standby mode is present when there is no need for playing a CD or tuning a radio station. Also, when the Kenwood unit is new and it’s the first time you install it in your car, the demo mode is activated, so it’s not possible to operate the CD receiver while on this mode. Another mode is the security mode, when it asks for a specific code to access the functions on the CD receiver. There are situations in which there is no way to get out of these modes, so follow these steps in order to recover the proper functionality: The Kenwood KDC-138 features an auxiliary input for connecting your iPod, or any audio source, and enjoy it in the car. The Kenwood unit also includes an RCA pre-out for connecting an amplifier or a low-pass signal for a sub-woofer amplifier.

  1. Getting out of demo mode. Press the center of the control knob for about 2 seconds. “DEMO OFF” should appear on the display.
  2. Solving standby mode issues on your Kenwood. If you cannot get out of standby mode, use the reset to factory defaults option. To do this, locate a small hole on the lower left side of the control panel and press the hidden button inside the hole. 
  3. Deactivating the security code on your Kenwood. If you get prompted with an “enter security code” message, you have to first deactivate the security mode. To perform this operation, access the menu pressing the top or bottom side of the control knob. Select “CODE CLR” and enter the security mode, by pressing the center of the control knob for at least 1 second. When “ENTER” is displayed, “CODE CLR” is also displayed. Then, you have to enter the code by using the left and right sides of the control knob to choose the numbers and pressing the top or bottom side of the control knob to select the number. After that, “CLEAR” will be displayed and the security code function will be deactivated. To exit, press the "B.BOOST" button.
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