How To Fix A Stuck Zipper

A zipper can become stuck for different reasons so it's important to know how to fix a stuck zipper. The fabric of the inner lining near the zipper or the zipper flap, which covers the zipper when it is closed, can get stuck in the slider or between the teeth. The teeth can be dislodged and stuck inside the slider. No matter the reason, a stuck zipper can be a challenge, especially if you are trapped inside the garment. To fix a stuck zipper, you would require a technique, some patience, and in some cases, a little lubrication.

To fix a stuck zipper, you will need:

  • Pencil
  • Patience
  1. Use a sharpened pencil to coat the zipper teeth with dry lubricant. Run the pencil lead over the zipper teeth, especially where it is stuck, making sure to avoid coming in contact with the fabric. A pencil lead is made of non-toxic mineral graphite which has a dry lubricating quality.

  2. Determine which direction the stuck zipper will move the easiest. There may be a small amount of movement in the stuck zipper.

  3. Hold the fabric of the inner lining or flap back with your fingers and grasp the zipper pull firmly. Wiggle the slider back and forth gently while pushing or pulling the slider in the direction that the zipper has movement.

  4. Continue to pull back the fabric, wiggle the slider, and push or pull the zipper until the fabric is free. Use caution not to rip the fabric that is stuck in the zipper.


Brute force is seldom the answer for solving a problem and, usually, just causes additional damage. Use gentle but forceful movements to unstick the zipper.


Do not use oil, WD 40, or petroleum jelly to lubricate a stuck zipper, to avoid staining or damaging the fabric.




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