How To Fix Subwoofer With No Sound

Want to know how to fix a subwoofer with no sound? Fixing a subwoofer with no sound can be frustrating. They can break if you turn up the bass too much in your system or they wear out over time. There are a lot of vibrations that pass through a subwoofer speaker that can damage them, even through normal use. If your sound system uses a fuse, this can also be the problem. Follow these steps to learn about how to fix a subwoofer with no sound. 

What you will need to fix a subwoofer:

  • Screwdriver
  • Fuse
  1. Check the connections between the subwoofer and the audio source. If the connections are fine, test the subwoofer with different speaker wire.
  2. Disassemble the subwoofer housing enough to check for a fuse. Replace the fuse in your subwoofer. Even if there was no electrical problem that you know about, the fuse still may have worn out and need to be replaced. Never short circuit the connections between the fuse, as this could cause further damage to the subwoofer. Always use a fuse with the same rating as the original.
  3. Check the voice coil on the subwoofer. This is a metallic circle around the outside of the subwoofer speaker that may be covered by foam. If it looks warped or damaged, this is the cause of the problem. In many cases, it makes more sense to replace the entire subwoofer speaker than to replace the voice coil and rebuild it, because of the cost.

Tip: Check the warranty before working on your subwoofer because opening the housing will likely void it. If the warranty is still in effect, it may cover repairs also.



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