How To Fix A Tilted Tooth

If you need to know how to fix a tilted tooth, you will probably need to see a dentist at some point in the near future. If one tooth is tilted, a dental health professional can fix the tilt much more easily than they could if a person has teeth that are nonaligned. Fixing a tilted tooth requires that the tooth be placed gently back into place. Bracers and other products work to do this.

  1. Go see a dentist to determine if you need braces or some other measure to fix a tilted tooth. The dentist will not do anything during the initial appointment. If you have dental insurance, part or all of the cost of the visit may be covered.
  2. Decide whether you want invisible bracers or regular bracers installed if a different alignment system will not work. These bracers will stay on the teeth for several years. An orthodontist adjusts them periodically to make sure the teeth are pushed into their proper position. If bracers get put on a child, he will also monitor the size of the jaw.
  3. Wear the bracers until the dentist takes them off. When the bracers get removed, the dentist will make a retainer mold.
  4. Wear the retainer for several months to make sure the tilted tooth or teeth do not go into their old position.

An orthodontist does not fix one tilted tooth. If the teeth in a person's mouth become nonaligned or are nonaligned since birth, bracers and similar systems are the only way to fix malocclusion. When the retainers and bracers are worn properly, overbites and similar conditions do not return.


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