How To Fix A Toilet With A Tennis Ball And Sandpaper

There are many do-it-yourself things you can do around your house to save money including how to fix a toilet with a tennis ball and sandpaper. Fixing a broken flapper assembly and lift rod is a very simple task that just about anyone can do.

Items needed:

  • Tennis ball
  • Sandpaper
  • Super glue
  • Saw


  1. Cut tennis ball in half with saw. This will used to replace the flapper assembly. If the ball is not cut in half, it will have a tendency to float (which is fine if what you are repairing is the float ball, but we are not).
  2. Roll the sandpaper into as tight of a roll as possible. Secure the edge with a drop or two of super glue. Sandpaper will be used to replace the broken lift rod.
  3. Shut water off to toilet. This will prevent the tank from filling with water while you make your repairs.
  4. Flush toilet. This will remove the water from the tank providing better access to the parts to be repaired.
  5. Super glue half of the tennis ball to flapper assembly. This will hold water in the tank for the next use.
  6. Slide the sandpaper roll onto the broken tip of the lift rod. Secure with Super Glue. Attach to chain that lifts the flapper assembly with Super Glue (if you do not have Super Glue, you can staple the chain to the lift rod, if just will not be as strong and stable for as long).

Tips: Line the floor around the toilet with towels to prevent any leaking to get past the bathroom floor. If you do not live alone, warn everyone that the toilet will be unavailable for about an hour, and allow everyone who needs to gets to use the bathroom before you start.

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