How To Fix A Torn Tricep Muscle In The Elbow

If you want to know how to fix torn triceps muscles in the elbow, you should first understand the mechanism of injury involved. Triceps injury can be a serious condition that commonly occurs secondary to pulled muscles. If you frequently exercise, you are likely to experience pulled muscles along the arms, being the part of the body involved with performing exercise activities. Torn triceps occurs when the force applied to the triceps muscle goes beyond its tensile strength. Below are tools and supplies that could help facilitate in the management of a torn triceps muscles. 

Things you'll need:

  • Pain medication
  • Makeshift splint
  • Ice or cold compress
  1. You will need to apply some form of a splint to immobilize the area where a torn triceps occurs. A torn triceps involves a tear on the muscle from the bones along the elbow area. This causes pain with further movement. In order to avoid aggravating the condition, immobilization is required to the area of injury such as the application of a splint before going to see a doctor.
  2. Pain medication should be available in order to help the sufferer of a torn tricep manage his/her pain. A ruptured triceps tendon can be very painful and requires pain medication in order to make the pain tolerable. The pain contributes to the difficulty of moving the elbow after a tricep injury.
  3. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medications, also known as NSAIDs, are the best medication to keep on hand that give relief in the presence of pain and swelling. Apart from pain relief, NSAIDs can reduce swelling and inflammation that usually occur after injury to the triceps. This is essential medication provided to stop the progressive pain when fixing a torn triceps muscles.
  4. When trying to manage a torn triceps muscles, you may need an ice or cold compress to stop the swelling. The initial symptoms for a torn tricep would be pain along the elbow. The area of injury will appear swollen and tender with limited range of motion along the elbow. First aid treatment for an injured tricep would be the application of cold compress to reduce the swelling. The elbow should be placed in a resting position to avoid further pain.
  5. Doctors will likely need an X-ray to view the extent of damage. X-ray is a form of imaging that will allow better visualization on the internal injury resulting from a torn triceps. The doctor obtains a more reliable examination to help prescribe the best treatment for the condition, such as choosing either conventional or non-surgical treatment or a surgical treatment approach to correct the damage.
  6. With a completely torn triceps muscle, surgical treatment is common. Anatomic repair is required with a completely torn tricep through surgical intervention. The torn tendon is stitched back to its area of insertion and in some cases, performing a grafting is common.
  7. Conservative management may require the use of braces. Braces are tools that could primarily assist to immobilize the elbow. The immobilization process will help facilitate enhanced healing of the injured triceps tendon.
  8. In order to restore the triceps muscle back to its normal function, triceps injury rehabilitation is required post-surgery. Rehabilitation consists of a physical therapy program tailored to help the triceps muscle regain its strength and functionality. Arm exercises such as pushups, dumbbell exercises and gentle stretching promote strength, mobility and flexibility of the triceps muscles. Common tools for this area of management include weights such as dumbbells, arm brand and hand pulley.


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