How To Fix A Treadmill

Anyone who owns the equipment needs to know how to fix a treadmill. You can run into problems with your treadmill when it comes to wear and tear, but it may not be anything serious. There is no need to panic, you can easily learn how to fix a treadmill.

To fix a treadmill you will need the following:

  • Screwdriver
  1. Check the electrical supply. Make sure your treadmill is receiving the correct amount of power supply. A lost power supply can decrease the effectiveness of your treadmill. If it is not hooked up with the correct power supply, you can burn the circuits. Make sure you turn off the power supply before troubleshooting the following steps.
  2. Clean the treadmill. Make sure there is no dirt or any other build up accumulating on the belt of your treadmill. Dirt can cause friction on your belt and will make is slow down or stiff when walking on the treadmill. When the unit is clean, you can turn the electricity on and test if the removal of the dirt fixed your problem.
  3. Examine the speed sensor. Check the speed sensor for any dust and buildup. Anything that may be accumulated on the speed sensor that should not be there should be cleared out. Cleaning the sensor will fix any jerking that was being done on your treadmill. The jerking movement is usually attributed to the sensor being covered in some kind of residue.
  4. Replace the belt. Follow your manufactures direction to remove the top of the treadmill. Loosen belt fasteners with your screwdriver. Slip the belt off your treadmill, then put new belt on your treadmill. Make sure the new belt is the correct belt for your treadmill.
  5. Adjust the belt if there is a burning smell. If after adjusting the belt there is still a burning smell, disconnect the treadmill and discontinue use until the problem is fixed. Something is causing the motor to run hot causing the burning smell. It could be that the belt is misaligned.
  6. Change the motor. After you have done all the troubleshooting, this may be the only solution left. Follow your manufacturers pamphlet for step by step instructions. Put any small parts taken out of your treadmill into a cup, that way you do not misplace them and can put all the parts back together.
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