How To Fix Turntables

If you want to keep playing your vinyl records, it is important you learn how to fix turntables. This way, there will be no need for you to bring your turntable to a repair shop for minor problems. But do keep in mind that advanced repairs should be left to the hands of professionals.

  1. Prepare a working space. Since turntables are sensitive to dust and other particles, having a clean work area is a must.
  2. Bring out Service Manual. Most turntables come with a manual containing trouble shooting instructions. At the very least, it would provide you with a detailed diagram of your turntable which could be handy when you are not that familiar with how turntables work.
  3. Identify the problem. To fix turntables, it is important you know exactly what is wrong with it to determine the right repair method to be used. Once identified, refer to the manual for tips on how to address such problems. If you did not find a guide, you should consider taking your turntable to a repair center. Do not, under any circumstances, fiddle with the parts if you do not want to make the problem worse.
  4. Follow instructions. If there is a guide, then make sure you do what is instructed. Some terminologies might not be familiar to you so you might want to check online resources. A lot of turntable experts warn owners to be careful with the tonearm. Secure the tonearm if you need to flip the turntable upside down. Put the turntable on top of a square box, with the center hollowed out to prevent the tonearm from coming in contact with the plinth.
  5. Test your turntable. After troubleshooting all possibilities on how to fix the turntable, you can now test it to ensure everything is working properly. If the problem was not resolved, it is time to consider getting professional repair services.
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