How To Fix A Twisted Bike Chain

Need to know how to fix a twisted bike chain? For most riders, especially those in the city, a mishap with your bike chain can spell disaster, so learning how to fix a twisted bike chain is one of the first things any serious rider should know. Sadly, a twisted chain can be a huge pain to fix no matter how much experience you have and no matter what the situation is with the bike, but following this method will work for the majority of tangled or twisted chains.

  1. First, the long part. With one hand, grab the longest available part of the chain. Now, using your free hand, get a good grip on the loose part of the tangled chain.
  2. Bring them together. With both parts of the chain in your hands, bring the longest part of the twisted section of the chain and the other part of the chain together. Be very careful and delicate with this step, as you want to avoid any possibility of twisting the bike chain up even further and making it more difficult for you.
  3. Shake it all about. Now, with the two ends together in one hand, flip the entire twisted bike chain upside down and shake it hard in the opposite direction of the twist. It should come undone easily. Sometimes, however, the chain will be too tangled up against itself for this to work. If that is the case, just try it again. Start with a smaller part of the chain and follow the twists until you can get them all straightened. It may take some time, and it can be a bit of a puzzle, but with patience you will have no problem getting your twisted bike chain untwisted!
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