How To Fix Vertical Lines On Plasma TV

How to fix vertical lines on a plasma TV is a serious question. Plasmas cost quite a bit of money and the idea of having your picture ruined by vertical lines is unthinkable. There are some interesting facts in this case, so be prepared to take some twists and turns on this one.

  1. Turn off the plasma TV, wait for 10 minutes then turn it back on.  Sometimes during first installation, the television can develop vertical lines. These lines are usually not the television but noise from a secondary device. This action will fix 50% of the plasma TV's out there. This is the smartest move in this procedure on how to fix vertical lines on plasma TV.
  2. Check secondary devices. Make sure they are disconnected and turned off. Secondary devices can cause noise in your TV creating these annoying lines. A good example is the lines you see when you turn on your blender.  Malfunctioning secondary devices can generate these lines.
  3. Check your cable connection. Make sure that your coaxial cable is connected properly. Bad connections can create noise in the television and cause these lines.
  4. Go to your television’s support website and download the latest version of the firmware. You can do this by transferring the program to a flash drive then using that flash drive to update your TV. There are corrective measures inside these firmware updates for the most common problems like vertical and horizontal lines. You can then put your flash drive directly into your television’s USB port and update your firmware from the television setup menu. Once this is done, the vertical lines should disappear.

This is a crash course in making the vertical lines in your plasma television disappear with little effort and smart thinking. This quick lesson in how to fix vertical lines on plasma TV is just the beginning of knowledge on this complex subject.

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