How To Fix Water Coolers

Water coolers are essential for that most deserved water break, so you may want to learn hot to fix water coolers yourself. Turning this into a do it yourself job saves time, and makes you look like the handyman amongst your co-workers, family, and friends. Here are a few steps that you can follow to learn how to fix water coolers.

To fix water coolers, you will need:
  • Water coolers
  • Your bare hands
  1. Clean the coils. Clean coils will help to make sure that you get hot or cold water, but make sure to disconnect the water cooler from the wall before performing this task.
  2. Reset your cooler. Resetting your water cooler can help it improve its performance. You can reset your water cooler by draining water from the hot and cold parts of the cooler. After this turn off the switch that is located at the back of your cooler, this works as the reset button. Proceed by unplugging your cooler, and leaving it like this for at least the next twenty-four hours. Once this time has elapsed turn the switches back on, and plug the water cooler back in. Wait five additional hours before using the water cooler.
  3. Clean your cooler. Like cleaning the coils cleaning the cooler itself will make sure that your water is hot and cold. Cleaning the cooler will also help take away any weird taste that your cooler may be generating.
  4. Buy repair parts. If your cooler is in bad shape you may need to buy replacement parts to salvage whatever is left of it.
In many cases after performing basic maintenance tasks water coolers are up and running in little time. Fixing water coolers are quite easy, and drinking the water that comes out of them is even easier. It is about that time to start fixing your water coolers.
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