How To Fix A Waterlogged Skateboard

If you've been skateboarding through rainy weather, you may want to learn how to fix a waterlogged skateboard. In some cases skateboards may be damaged forever, but with quick action you may be able to salvage your skateboard. Here are a few steps that will help you fix your waterlogged skateboard.

To fix a waterlogged skateboard, you will need:
  • A blowdryer
  • Towels
  1. Dry it completely. Your best bet at fixing a waterlogged skateboard is by drying it completely. Use the towels and blowdryer to dry the entire skateboard. Blowdrying your skateboard will help evaporate the moisture that the towel is unable to dry. This will take sometime, as the water may have already soaked into the board. You probably will not be able to dry the board completely using only a towel and blowdryer. Therefore, once you are done with this step you can let your board air dry.
  2. Leave it out to dry. Hopefully the sun is out shining so that you can lay your board out to dry. Lay it out in the sun until it is completely dry. This will probably take a couple of days if you want it to dry on the inside as well as the outside.
  3. Blow dry it once again. Once your board has been laid out to dry blow dry it once again to make sure that it is fully dry.
It is really hard to fix waterlogged skateboards once they have been damaged. The best you can do is follow these steps, and hope that all of the moisture dries away.



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