How To Fix Web Browser

If you have wondered how to fix a web browser you can learn here. First make sure you are receiving current software updates for your computer. Next make sure you are running the most current version of the browser as your directory may be corrupted. Using the most current video drivers will help also ensure a web browser is running properly. These are the first steps in how to fix a web browser.

Other ideas on how to fix a web browser are:

  1. Clear cache.
  2. Close, then reopen your browser.
  3. Delete temporary internet files
  4. Delete cookies.
  5. Check Java, change settings if needed.
  6. Check for default settings in your control panel. Re-set if needed.
  7. Make sure your designate a default web browser in your computer's settings.
  8. Make sure your security is running properly (firewall, anti-virus and anti-spy).
  9. Make sure you are receiving security updates.
  10. Run your anti-virus and anti-spy programs.

If the above have not worked, these are additional steps on how to fix a web browser. Chances are you are infected. Running an anti-virus and anti-spy should fix the issue if it remains. Run the security programs in safe mode for maximum effect. If the problem is not corrected, try uninstalling and reinstalling the browser. Finally, for preventative maintenance on how to fix a web browser and keep your system clean, download CCleaner (it is free) and use it daily. CCleaner can be used with IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera and has a registry cleaner with backup in the program.



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