How To Fix Wii Sensor

Need to know how to fix a Wii senor? Fixing the sensor bar on your Nintendo Wii can be easy enough to do and will save you the cash that you would have spend buying a new sensor bar. If you want to fix your Wii sensor bar, just try the tips below.

  1. Make sure that the problem isn't an obvious one. This may seem silly, but a good portion of people who think that they need to repair their Wii sensor bar have dust coating it, a plug that is not completely into the socket or something blocking the path of the senor bar. Also, always be sure that your bar settings match the position of your bar in the Wii menu settings.
  2. Check your cords. A cord that is frayed, cut or otherwise damaged is going to need to be replaced. If this is the case you will need to order one before you can move forward.
  3. Once you have the cord, it is time to open up the case. Begin this by removing the tri-wing screws on the bottom of the censor, removing the three screens and the second set of screws. Then clip out the cover, and carefully remove the black plastic spacers. Then unclip the cord and replace it with the new one.  Attempts to cut and splice the cords have been largely unsuccessful.
  4. Replace the censor. If the cord is undamaged, you have tried everything from step one and you are still having issues then it is time to open up the case (follow the steps above). Once this is done you can unplug and lift out the sensor unit. Simply replace it with a new one, and reassemble in the reverse order. Remember, never work on a device that is plugged into a power source.

Warning: these repairs will most likely void any warrantee. If you have one, get it repaired professionally.


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