How To Fix A Yamaha G2 Golf Cart’s Primary Clutch

Here are instructions for how to fix a Yamaha G2 golf cart’s primary clutch. When your golf cart starts getting a vibration or the clutch won’t pulling, the Yamaha G2 golf cart is not at top performance like when it was newly bought. The cause may be worn out weights or damaged clutch face, or not enough grease.

What you need:

  • Work gloves
  • Rugs (for cleaning and parts placement)
  • Grease
  • Automotive sealant/adhesive
  • Blowtorch/Propane torch
  • Clutch weights
  • Pins
  1. Unscrew the big bolt to take out the sliding sheave on the Yamaha G2 golf cart. Once the sliding sheave is out, the fixed sheave will remain on the engine but there’s no need to remove it.

  2. Inspect the primary clutch’s weights, pins and spider. Also check if there’s any grooves on the face of the primary clutch, if this is true then you will need to replace the entire clutch but if not, follow the next steps for your Yamaha G2.

  3. Blowtorch the adhesive on the screws which holds the pins. This is to remove the pins.

  4. Replace the damaged or worn out parts. Even if there’s only one worn out weight visible, you need to replace all of them.

  5. Use automotive sealant or adhesive to install the screws again and pins. Carefully grease the fitting only with one or a couple of drops avoiding the floating flange and the spider otherwise you will need to wipe the grease dry.

  6. Reassemble the clutch. This fix should be good for a year depending on your usage of your Yamaha G2 golf cart.


  • Read the manual for maintenance. Over usage, poor maintenance, allowing more than two occupants, driving on angled terrain or abruptly starting or stopping may wear or damage the clutch on your Yamaha G2 golf cart.

  • Check the golf cart’s warranty before replacing the parts yourself. The manual should discuss about parts replacement covered by the warranty.

  • Clean and grease sliding sheave, ramp shoes and primary sheave at least once a year depending on the usage.

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