How To Fix Your Fender Guitar Yourself

Do you want to learn how to fix your Fender guitar yourself? What exactly does “fixing” your fender guitar include? Well, let’s look at some of the more common damages that occur and need to be made.

What you will need:

  • Philips head screwdriver
  • New replacement part for job
  1. If your tuners are damaged, it well be more cost effective to replace them. This is done by first removing the strings from the guitar. After that you will take the Philips head screwdriver, unscrew the old tuners and screw in the new ones. It is recommended that you replace all of the tuners so one string doesn’t seem to have a differentiating tone in comparison to the others with the older and more worn tuners.
  2. If you the nut on the neck it would be more cost effective to take it to a Fender guitar specialist. Replacing the nut of a Fender guitar is a process that would take a whole other blog to describe accurately. Unless you’re a trained guitar technician, or just bored and feel like trying it, I’d suggest taking it to a Fender guitar shop to have it fixed.
  3. If your fret wire is loose or falling off, once again the best thing is taking your guitar to a guitar tech. Fret wire replacement is a bit simpler than nut replacement, but it still would require a full blog to be able to completely write out the instructions. Paying someone to do it will easily save you money, time, and headache and is the best solution to rewiring the frets.
  4. If your guitar neck is broken or you just want to replace it, start by removing the strings. Then, using your Philips head screwdriver, unscrew the plate and screws hold the neck to the body of the Fender guitar. Gently remove the old neck. Then screw the new screws, plate, and neck in the same socket in the same fashion that it came out.
  5. If your guitar bridge or saddle is damaged, it is recommended that you replace whichever is broken. This can be done by unscrewing either the old saddle or bridge using the Philips head and screwing the new one back in the same holes that were previously drilled.
  6. For any electronics repairs, unless you are an electronics expert, your best bet is to take it to a tech. This is recommended because you can easily damage the electronics of your guitar by either wiring it wrong or mishandling it. There are also possibilities of you further damaging your Fender guitar!
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