How To Fix A Zipper

Zippers are useful, and knowing how to fix a zipper is a useful skill to have since it can save you the embarrassment of having your zipper open in public. The good thing about fixing your own zipper is that it is simple and only requires minimal supplies.

Materials necessary to fix zipper:

  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Pliers or screw driver
  1. Take your pliers and remove the metal stop of the zipper. The metal stop is the band at the bottom of the zipper area. It keeps the slider in place when you open the zipper. Doing this sometimes is difficult but keep prying it. It will eventually become loose so be patient. If you do not have pliers, you might try a screwdriver but be careful when you do this to avoid minor injuries.
  2. Move slider to the downward position after you remove the metal stop. Make sure the slider goes down below the zipper teeth on the bottom area, and try not to remove them completely.
  3. Adjust your zipper teeth. Make sure the mesh is smooth. Arrange the zipper teeth with your fingers. The two sides should have a smooth appearance without any bunches.
  4. Zip the zipper up halfway carefully. Pay attention to see if the zipper teeth are locking in securely together. The zipper should run straight so take your time and be careful when you do this step.
  5. Get your needle and thread the needle. Sew the bottom where you remove the metal stopper. Sew the bottom section firmly together. Do roughly six to seven stitches that should be sufficient to close the area properly. Depending on the material and your preference, you could sew a couple more stitches to ensure tightness. After you attain the security level you desire, tie a knot on the back section and cut the excess thread off.
  6. Take the zipper and bring it all the way upwards. The zipper should move freely to the top without any problems.


This is an easy way to fix your zipper. If you should have a zipper misalignment with this piece of clothing again, remove the stitches using your seam ripper and repeat the steps again. This method works on all types of zipper so fix your zipper rather than replace your item.

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