How To Fix A Zippo

Have you wondered how to fix a Zippo lighter? There are a few things that you can do, but if those don’t work, you should send it back to Zippo. They will repair it for free no matter how long you’ve had it, or what condition it is. Send it back to Zippo Manufacturing Company at 33 Barbour Street, Bradford, PA 16701. Make sure you include your return address so that they can send it back to you.

To fix a Zippo, you will need:

  • A Zippo lighter
  • Zippo lighter fluid
  • A flint
  • A wick
  • A flat work surface
  1. To fix a Zippo, remove Zippo insert from case. Hold the case with one hand and pull the insert out with the other.
  2. Expose the packing material. Lift the felt material at the bottom of the insert.
  3. Refill with lighter fluid. Squeeze fluid into the packing material until it is saturated. Do not overfill. Wash hands immediately if you come in contact with the fluid. Close lighter fluid container immediately.
  4. Remove screw holding the flint. Unscrew the screw at the bottom of the insert. Remove screw, spring, and old flint.
  5. You will also need to insert a new flint to fix a zippo. Place new flint in the tube.
  6. Replace spring and screw. Turn the screw lightly until it has gone as far as it will go.
  7. Trim wick. Pull wick up until you see clean white cotton. Cut it off even with the chimney and straighten.
  8. Replace Zippo insert. Push insert back into the case.
  9. Test the Zippo lighter. Try lighting the lighter a couple times. If it still doesn’t work consistently, return to Zippo for free repair.
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