How To Flash A Cricket To A Verizon

Do you want to know how to flash a Cricket to a Verizon? If you have a Cricket phone, it is possible to flash it to Verizon for phone service. The process must be done properly since you want to avoid damaging the phone. If you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, try having a tech savvy friend assist you! Professionals offer services to flash these phones for you, but they often charge a large fee. These phones are easy to flash since they both are CDMA phones.

In order to flash a Cricket phone to Verizon, you will need:

  • Computer
  • Internet Access
  • Cricket phone
  • USB cable
  1. Download Titan Relocker. Using your computer, download the latest version the the Titan Relocker software. This is the software that will unlock the phone and allow service with any carrier.
  2. Plug the phone into the computer. Once the software is downloaded onto your computer, connect the phone using your USB cable. Hit power, then camera, then reset. This will remove all the Cricket programming from the phone. Your phone will be like a blank canvas.
  3. Place the file in the appropriate section. Move the file from stock ROM into the RUU folder. Now, run the executable file you moved.
  4. Reset the phone. In order to boot the Verizon stock OS, you must reset. You will need to program the Verizon settings and features into the phone. contains the file you need to obtain the proper Verizon software for your phone.
  5. Relock the phone again. Use the Titan Relocker to lock the phone again. Allow the Verizon ROM to complete setup.
  6. Remove the phone from the computer. Power off and then back on.



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