How To Flatland BMX

If you want to be a BMX biker, then consider learning how to flatland BMX. Flatland BMX is one of the more popular forms of the sport. Flatland BMX is just as the name suggests, riding a BMX on flat ground. BMX flatland opens the door to numerous trick and loads of good times. This article will cover the basics of flatland BMX. For purposes here, the assumption is you already know how to ride a BMX, so let’s step it up and do some flatland BMX. Move on up and out, hit the flatland with your BMX, and put the routine below to the test.

What you will need to begin:

  • BMX bike
  • BMX protective gear
  • Flat area to ride

How to flatland BMX:

  1. Learning how to flatland BMX really is a ride in the park. First things first, put on your gear. A helmet at the minimum is required; other gear is suggested but this is up to the rider. Get the feel of the bike. Ride around on level ground sitting and standing.
  2. While on flatland, try a few basic tricks. The bunny hop is a popular one. Stand on your pedals, then lift up on the handlebars while lifting or bending your legs. Both wheels will come up off the ground.
  3. Do a wheelie by standing again and lifting on the handlebars. Continue to pedal to take the wheelie for a ride. These are two rudimentary flatland tricks and will set you well on your way to riding a BMX flatland.
  4. Continue riding and testing the limits of speed, control and movement. These aspects of riding are also part of flatlanding and will teach you bike control. Flatland BMX is a fun and stable platform for any level rider.
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