How To Flip King Size Mattress

Know how to flip a king sized mattress alone or with the help of a friend. Because of the size and weight of the mattress, it is possible to do this job alone, however it can be a little more difficult and take longer. Flipping a mattress keeps it comfortable and prevents it from sagging. Before you get started, be sure that you have plenty of room around the bed to work with.

  1. Begin by removing everything on the bed. It may be easier to even remove the fitted sheet from the mattress. Begin by standing at the foot of the bed and choosing either the right or the left side to work from. Whichever side you choose, lift the mattress up and slide the edge off the side of the bed. At this point, the mattress is just leaning and it is not all the way off the bed.
  2. Step onto the bed and, bending at the knees, pick up the edge of the mattress and place it in an upright position. There are two options at this point. If you have enough room, push the mattress all the way over, and it will be laying on the floor with the side that you want face up on the bed.
  3. If you don't have that kind of room, balance the mattress on its side and lean it against the wall. Grip the mattress from the bottom (the side on the floor), lift up and carry the edge of the mattress to the bed. At this point, the mattress has been flipped and is laying on the the right direction.
  4. Stand at the edge of the mattress that is farthest from the bed (the part hanging off the edge). Lift up and push the mattress back into place. Be sure to check all of the edges to ensure that the king sized mattress is properly aligned with the bed.

If two people are working together to flip a king sized mattress, instead of laying the mattress against the wall or on the floor, have the other people hold onto the mattress until you are ready to move it. Also, instead of pushing the mattress back on the bed, it may be possible for you both to lift the mattress and place it in the center of the bed.

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