How To Flirt On Blind Date

You have just been set up on a blind date and you’re really into her, but the big question is do you know how to flirt on a blind date? There are simple tasks to flirting that can give your new date a positive hint that you are into her. These are the steps you will use to flirt on a blind date.

  1. Use flattery without going overboard.  The art of flattery comes from letting your date know you are sincere without coming off like you are giving out compliments just to hear yourself speak. If your date thinks you are going overboard or not sincere in your compliments, you will obviously be failing at your attempts to flirt. A simple compliment on your dates outfit, perfume or a facial feature is good enough.
  2. Make direct eye contact. Be the alpha dog without looking like a stalker or crazed psycho.  Simple eye contact let’s your date know you are into them and paying attention to what they have to say.
  3. Drop the pickup lines they are not going to work.  Unless you are teenagers are not dealing with the brightest bulb in the box pickup lines are cheesy.  The most you will accomplish with a cheesy pickup line is a nervous laugh or possibly a drink thrown into your face depending on the pickup lines you let slip from your lips.  Try being honest simply saying “Your eyes are absolutely beautiful” will get you further then saying “Was your father a thief? Cause someone stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes”.
  4. The fabulous art of touch truly is the best form of flirting. But you should know that too much touching can also send off the wrong impression, for instance your needy or you’re into your blind date for sex. One of the most appropriate ways of touching to let someone you know you are flirting is by simply touching someone arm lightly and not letting your hand linger while you’re in conversation.

Flirting on a blind date is as simple as flirting with someone you know.  You are now armed with some single ways to flirt on your blind date; just try not to go overboard and come off as if you’re out for sex or acting inappropriately.


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