How To Flirt With A Boy

Learn how to flirt with a boy, to get his attention. Boys' hormones are always racing. So just the bat of an eyelash or the twist of your hips will send his brain signals that you are flirting with him. Be subtle when flirting with a boy. You don’t want to send the wrong message; that you are easy. He will pick up on your flirtation if he chooses to. Now if he doesn’t respond to you flirting maybe he’s not interested. You can just say you weren’t trying to flirt with him no way. You will be avoiding rejection and embarrassment.

  1. Be outgoing. Boys like girls that are out going and no how to have fun. You can’t be shy and stay hidden in a corner. You want to be seen, so learn to mingle. The boy you are trying to flirt with will notice you. He will also notice other boys looking at you; which will work in your favor.
  2. Give him playful attention. When you are flirting with a boy you are talking with, touch him as much as possible; without being obvious. If he tells you a joke put your hand on his shoulder or arm as you laugh. He will realize you are being more than just friendly, but flirty, something he is sure to enjoy.
  3. Show body language. Draw his attention to you by caressing your arm or rubbing your leg. Where ever your hands go his eyes are sure to follow. Make a little eye contact just to make sure his eyes are in the right place. You will be flirting with a boy without having to utter a single word.
  4. Smile often at him. It’s not necessary to be smiling like Chester Cheddar to flirt with a boy. Besides the boy might think you are a little nutty, if you a skinny and grinning at him. Occasionally glance over at him with a mischievous little smile on your face. Have the boy you are you flirting with wondering what’s on your mind.
  5. Walk with a little twist. There is nothing wrong with giving a boy a little eye candy and attitude as you walk by. Show him you are not or afraid to be the center of attention. He will see your confidence as you strut by and that will be attractive to him.
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