How To Flirt With A Lesbian

Some guys want to know how to flirt with a lesbian. After all, just because she's interested in women doesn't mean she's not flirt-a-licious. Your ideal is to capture her attention without turning her off. You may never end up in her arms, but you can have an enjoyable moment together.

  1. Investigate the circumstances. Knowing how to flirt with a lesbian means understanding the circumstances. If her partner is beside her, it's not a good time to flirt. After all, it's never cool to flirt with someone else's girl. Check out who's with her and approach carefully.
  2. Know when to walk away. Men keen about the rules of engagement also know how to flirt with a lesbian. If you approach her and she is ice cold and/or tells you to buzz off, walk away. It serves no purpose (especially yours) to continue bombarding a woman, lesbian or not, with advances if she's not interested.
  3. Respect her choices. Lesbians are attracted to women-be sensitive and show her that you know how to flirt with lesbians. Keep it cool, don't smother her with too much charm and respect that her choices are different from yours. It's not cool to mention the fact that she's a lesbian any more than you would expect her to be fascinated that you're heterosexual.
  4. Keep your distance. Knowing how to flirt with a smoking hot lesbian means keeping your distance. When the flirting goes well, maintain your physical space. Just because she's receptive to your flirts does not mean she wants you touching her or getting too close.
  5. Maintain your composure. Now that you know how to flirt with a lesbian, maintain your composure. You've got a groove going on with her, so be cool. What she wants is to be your friend. Remember that lesbians aren't interested in men. Even if you discover that she's secretly bisexual, the best thing you can do is be calm, toss more flirts and see if she takes the bait.
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