How To Flirt Online

With the advent of internet-based dating, sooner or later you're going to need to learn how to flirt online. Learning how to flirt online will help you garner a lady's interests and keep her coming back for more. Make your internet love story a successful one by mastering the art of how to flirt online.

  1. Be yourself. The one thing you don't want to do when trying to learn how to flirt online is to lie to the ladies. With the internet being a hot bed for scams and sexual predators, be sure your potential match doesn't think you're dangerous in any way. Just be your loveable self and you'll notice how quickly she'll be hanging onto your every word.
  2. Humor is always a good thing. Just like in the real world, the one thing you don't want to do while flirting online is to bore the other person. By cracking a few jokes and generally being light-hearted, you'll find that she will be much more willing to respond to what you're saying. Be careful not to go overboard—it can only take one misread joke before she blocks your account and you'll never hear from her again.
  3. Keep it in your pants. Even if you want to take this lady to bed, you don't want to be completely blatant about it. Be subtle and don't outright ask her when and where she wants to meet up. By bringing the subject up lightly, you'll be certain that she doesn't think you're too creepy or just a plain pervert.
  4. Use emoticons sparingly, if at all. You want to show her you're an adult, not a thirteen-year-old girl who just got her first cell phone. Keep the smiley faces and winking eyes to a minimum and don't use anything that involves you having to explain its meaning to her. Worst case scenario, she'll think that you're just some fourteen-year-old who managed to find his way onto his parents' computer.

If you want to have absolute success in the internet love scene, you need to know how to flirt online. By being coy and not being overtly sexual, you can drop subtle hints and make sure you don't lose your potential partner's attention. Get ready to show her your best side by learning how to flirt online.

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