How To Flirt On The Phone

Learning how to flirt on the phone is all about being creative. Flirting on the phone greatly differs from flirting in person. When you flirt in person, you have the advantage of being able to use body signals, a look, a smile, to deepen the impact of the flirt. This isn't so with flirting on the phone. All she has to go by is your voice. So, effective phone flirtation lies greatly with your ability to be creative with only words and the tone of your voice. It's not a disadvantage however. Some of the best flirting can be done on the phone. Just open up your mind and let the creative juices flow. Use some of the following ideas to help stimulate that creativity. Here's how to be flirtatious on the phone.

  1. Change your tone of voice. Slightly lowering your voice can be very flirtatious over the phone. Don't talk to the girl you're flirting with in the same tone of voice you'd say, speak to your mother with. By slightly lowering your voice you add an element of seduction. Not to mention, it just sounds sexier.
  2. Be playful with the conversation. Flirting over the phone is all about what you say and how you say it. Don't talk about boring stuff. You should know enough about the girl you're flirting with to understand the things she likes. Use your knowledge of the girl you're flirting with to modify your conversation to suit what interests her. You get her comfortable during the conversation, and she's more likely to open up with you. This is when the real fun begins. Learn how to play with your words. Learn how to vary your delivery of certain phrases and such. It's all about playing around with her. Feed off of her energy in the conversation. Make it a dance with words. You guys should be verbally jousting back and forth. Sprinkle a little open ended innuendo throughout the conversation.
  3. Added creativity. Technology is a beautiful thing. Todays phones allow you to do a number of tasks simultaneously. Why not hit her with multiple sources of flirtation. Send her a flirtatious text while you hit her with the verbal flirtations over the phone. Send her sweet pictures, or text her a quick poem. Be creative. It's all about being original. Go all out. She'll love it.
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