How To Flirt In School

Teenage boys around the world face the new school year wondering how to flirt in school and avoid detection from teachers as well as friends that may take the opportunity to tease. College age men looking to flirt at school will need to learn a few more tricks, as they often run into their crushes outside of class hours.  In addition to these concerns, they also begin to worry about how the girls they flirt with will react to their advances. Use the following tips to help yourself earn how to flirt at school in a polite and respectable way sure to capture your crush's attention

  1. Sit by her in class. To provide yourself with more time to flirt and better opportunities to flirt, sit close to the girl you are crushing on in any classes the two of you have together. If the teacher or professor's seating chart will allow it, sit down beside her in class. Study with her in class, asking questions about the material and maybe throwing in a few compliments as long as she does not mind you distracting her from her classwork.
  2. Walk her to classes. Walking with her as she moves from one classroom to the next is a wonderful way to flirt politely. In addition, this allows you to judge how the girl responds to your presence, as well as letting you get to know her before you decide if you want to ask her out. Whether in college or high school, be sure to leave yourself enough time to get to your classes and part ways when necessary instead of sacrificing your grades for love.
  3. Offer to carry her books. While carrying her books from class-to-class may seem like an out-dated way to flirt, but it truly is a kind act that the girl will appreciate. Instead of carrying a single book and making yourself look obvious, you may want to wait for opportunities in which she has her hands full. If she has a large project to carry from her dorm room to class, or has a ton of stuff to carry to her locker, take those opportunities to flirt it up by helping her out.
  4. Walk her home. Allow yourself to spend a bit more time with the girl by walking her home from school or back from class to her dorm room. Meet up with her in the hallways, by her locker before she heads out of the building and give yourself a bit more time to get to know her. If you happen upon her on campus and she is headed back to her dorm, offer to walk with her and talk on your way there. This may offer you a great opportunity to ask her out on a date.
  5. Eat lunch with her. Whether you meet her in the high school cafeteria between classes or happen upon her on campus at lunch time, invite her to eat with you instead of eating alone. You may also ask her to eat with your friends or ask to eat with her friends. If you can avoid both your friends, you both will feel more comfortable flirting.
  6. Give her polite compliments. Compliment her every day so you can let her know that you are interested in her. Offer her compliments on her hair, her smile, her eyes, her outfit and even her choice of backpack or perfume. Giving her compliments is the quickest way to flirt and move from acquaintances to a couple.

After flirting for several days using these methods, you can gauge her interest in you and prepare yourself for asking her out.

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