How To Flirt With A Shy Girl

Bring the girl you are attracted to out of her shell by learning how to flirt with a shy girl. Flirting with a shy girl takes a bit more skill and resolve than flirting with an outgoing woman. Shy girls need time to warm up to your and your flirting, so be patient and persistent.

  1. Approach her casually. Flirt with a shy girl by going up to her and saying hi. A shy girl may be intimidated if you come on too strong to start. Introduce yourself and ask her non-threatening questions about herself, such as what she does and what she likes.
  2. Smile frequently. When you flirt with a shy girl, smile at her often. You may want to wink when you smile so that she gets the hint that you like her. Oftentimes, shy girls are afraid to open up to guys if they are not sure the guy likes them or not.
  3. Keep at it. You may have to chat up and smile at a shy girl more than a non-shy girl before she gets the hint that you like her and are flirting with her.
  4. Wait for her response. Flirt with a shy girl a few times and wait to see if she ever flirts back. Be patient and don't give up if you really like her. Some shy girls need more time than others, and if you give up and stop flirting when she is still warming up, she could wind up hurt. One day, you may meet up with her and find her ready to flirt with you too.
  5. When she finally flirts back, ask her out. If you reach the point where the girl has made it clear that she likes you and is comfortable around you, ask her to go to dinner with you.



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