How To Flirt With Your Crush

Learning how to flirt with your crush is only an easy task if you allow it to be. You need to learn how to control your feelings when you're dealing with your crush. Flirting with your crush is a lot easier if you treat her, well, like she's not a crush. Put all that sappy stuff on the back burner for a while. You'll find that it'll be a lot easier to flirt with your crush if you put her on an equal playing field with you. It's time for you to learn how to effectively flirt with your crush.

  1. Understanding your reaction to a crush. When you develop a crush on someone, you begin to look at them differently. In your mind, you inadvertently elevate that person. You put them on a pedestal of sorts. You fail to realize that she's still just a person because you've let all those romantic feelings sneak into your brain. Well, buddy boy, you need to suppress those feelings and quick. Don't transform yourself into a jerk or anything, but fight the natural human reaction to throw your love interest up on a pedestal just yet. When you romanticize about someone, you severely cripple your ability to interact with them normally. Do yourself a favor and realize that she's really no better than you. Once you realize this, really realize this, you can let the games begin.
  2. Now that you're playing the same game… Flirting with your crush at this point will be simple, as well as highly enjoyable for you. When you shed that emotional baggage you carry around for her, you can treat her like an everyday person which makes it easier to relate to her. First things first. If she doesn't know you, introduce yourself. Once you guys get to a conversational level, then the flirtation can begin. All flirtation is just a bunch of playful word play and body language with the person you're interested in.
  3. The word play. The trick to flirting with your crush is to create a dialogue of equally playful give and take. Good humor and some carefully placed smiling and eye contact will do the trick. Sexual innuendo should be light. This isn't the place to get dirty. You want her to know you're interested. That's all. Keep that freaky stuff for a later time. So, don't be afraid to throw out a little sexual bait, but just don't dump the entire bucket of worms on her earlier on. The key to flirting is to build the sexual tension slowly. Go at her pace, but don't be afraid to throw a little shock into the banter every now and then. Also, paying attention to her is a very big factor. You've been talking to her for a while at this point, and you should know a few things about her. Use those things to your advantage. Try to incorporate elements of things she enjoys in your conversations. Flirting with your crush is about giving her a playful escape from the real world where you're her guide. You're her source of joy.
  4. The scheme of things. You see why it's important to refrain from hoisting her up on a pedestal now? If you guys are on even ground, then you won't have any reservations about how to approach her. You won't be wondering if she thinks of you. You'll take the necessary steps to facilitate a situation where she can't help but think of you. Plus, treating her as an equal allows you to actually learn things about her, which makes it easier to get to the point of effectively flirting.
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