How To Flirt With Your Girlfriend

Learning how to flirt with your girlfriend can make her feel even more desired and attracted to you. Many people stop flirting after they become a couple, but flirting is something that can add an extra spark to you relationship and keep it fun and youthful. This article will show you how to flirt with your girlfriend effectively.

  1. Compliment her. Compliments can be a form of flirting when done correctly. Notice something that you like about your girlfriend, maybe the outfit she is wearing and then stare at her intensely until she notices you staring. When she asks what you looking at, tell her how just how breathtaking she looks. Women like to know that men pay attention to efforts they take to look beautiful. 
  2. Don't be afraid to be corny. Flirting with your girlfriend is a lot different than flirting with someone who you are trying to make your girlfriend. It's okay to be purposely corny when flirting with your girlfriend. It will create a laugh and keep you on her mind. Try using funny, flattering but corny pick-up lines like "so tell me, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"  You both know it's corny and she will get a good and  feel adored at the same time.
  3. Give public secret gestures. Another way that you can flirt with your girlfriend is to give her secret messages while in public. Wink at her from across the room or blow her a kiss when nobody is looking. When you walk pass her, secretly brush your body against hers or slip her a flirty note. Flirting in public when nobody else in the room knows what's going on can be a very exciting thing.
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