How To Float

Learning how to float is a soothing way to enjoy the swimming pool, lake or ocean. Many people learn to float before they learn to swim. If you find yourself cramping while swimming, floating on your back will allow you to rest until your cramp passes. Teaching children to float can keep them safe if they accidentally fall into the water and cannot swim. Practice learning how to float with a friend in a swimming pool until you master floating.

  • Swimming pool
  1. Stand in the pool. Practice on the shallow end until you feel confident. Take a deep breath and lay back into the water gently. You may ask your partner to hold you up with his arms while you learn how to float.
  2. Lean your head back, arching your neck slightly. This will position your ears slightly above the surface of the water. Relax and breathe normally.
  3. Lay your arms out beside you at shoulder length.
  4. Hold your breath slightly and nod to your partner to release you. Hold your breath for a few seconds until you become comfortable with the buoyancy of your body.
  5. Breathe deeply but normally and remember to relax while you are floating.
  6. Kick your feet slightly in a paddling motion to move your body around the pool.
  7. Sweep your arms a bit to guide you around the pool.
  8. Practice floating often in order to master the technique. If getting water in your ears distracts you, then wear earplugs. You may also wish to wear nose plugs to protect your nose while you learn floating.



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