How To Flush ’07 Jeep Liberty Cooling System

You want to know how to flush your ’07 Jeep Liberty cooling system?  This is a good questions because flushing the cooling system on your ’07 Jeep Liberty is an important job. You want your Jeep Liberty to run smoothly. Good thing for you, flushing your ’07 Jeep Liberty is an easy job to do.

Things You Will Need

  • Floor jack
  • Leather work gloves
  • New antifreeze
  • Bucket
  • Disposal container for the old radiator fluid
  • New radiator cap if needed


  1. Drive to the auto parts store and pick up the new radiator fluid. You can check out your radiator cap before you start the vehicle. If it needs to be changed, buy a new radiator cap when you are at the auto parts store. Drive home and park your’07 Jeep Liberty in your driveway.
  2. Make sure you let your engine cool off before you flush the radiator. Radiator fluid gets very hot and can burn your skin. The radiator is under pressure. The radiator will blow up in your face if you take the radiator cap off your car when it is hot.
  3. Get all of your materials together. Jack your jeep up if you need too. It is probably high enough off the ground, but you are the judge. Open the hood of your Jeep Liberty and secure it with the safety arm. Wait until the vehicle is cool before you take the radiator cap off the radiator.
  4. Take the radiator cap off the radiator. Put the bucket under the passenger side of your car. Find the radiator plug and take it out. The radiator plug is on the bottom side of your radiator. Let the old radiator fluid drain into the bucket. Dump your bucket into a disposal container.
  5. Put the bucket back under your car. Take a hose and spray out (flush) the radiator. This will clear old gunk out of your radiator. Take the bucket and dump the contents into your disposal container. Put the radiator plug back in to the bottom of your’07 Jeep Liberty.
  6. Take ½ and ½ antifreeze and pour it into the radiator of your’07 Jeep Liberty. Start the engine of your Jeep Liberty. Let the engine warm up. The engine will suck the radiator fluid into the engine to cool it off. Pour more radiator fluid into the radiator of your’07 Jeep Liberty. As your engine runs, the open radiator will bleed any air bubbles out of the system.
  7. Shut the engine off. Fill the radiator of your’07 Jeep Liberty with radiator fluid. Replace the radiator cap with the new radiator cap. It is a good idea to replace the old radiator cap with a new cap at this time. Take your Jeep Liberty for a spin. Let the engine cool down. Check the level of radiator fluid and fill if needed.
  8. Dispose of the antifreeze properly. Take it to a disposal place and let them get rid of the old fluid for you.

Tips: Buy a new radiator cap. It is a good idea to replace the old radiator cap with a new one. Dispose of old antifreeze properly. Wear leather work gloves to protect your skin

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