How To Flush A Power Steering System On A Toyota

Wondering how to flush a power steering system on a Toyota? Power steering fluid is necessary to keep your power steering system in good operation. As proper maintenance and to maintain the longevity of your power steering system it becomes vital to periodically flush the system and replace the power steering fluid. You can flush the power steering system of your Toyota following these steps.

To flush a power steering system on a Toyota, you will need:

  • Car ramps
  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Power steering fluid removal tool
  • Discard container
  • Power steering fluid
  1. Park your Toyota on a flat surface. Drive the car up onto car ramps or jack the vehicle up and place jack stands at the jack points near the front wheels. Engage the emergency brake and place the car in Park if it is automatic or place it in any gear if it is manual.
  2. Open the hood of your Toyota and locate the power steering fluid reservoir. Open the reservoir.
  3. Place the suction end of the power steering fluid removal tool into the open power steering reservoir. Pump the power steering fluid removal tool to "suck" out the old power steering fluid. Deposit it in a discard container. Continue sucking power steering fluid out until there is none left.
  4. Remove the power steering pump filter. Allow the excess fluid to drain into your discard container. Reconnect the power steering fluid filter or replace it, if necessary.
  5. Add new power steering fluid to the Toyota. Fill it to the appropriate fill line on the reservoir.
  6. Close the power steering reservoir. Shut the hood and lower the vehicle.
  7. Start the engine and turn the steering wheel back and forth fully, several times. Drive the car approximately two or three miles and then stop the engine.
  8. Open the hood again. Remove the power steering fluid reservoir cap and ensure that it is up to the fill line. If not, add more power steering fluid until it is.

Tip: Periodically check the power steering fluid to be sure that you do not have a leak in your power steering system.

Warning: Check the label of the power steering fluid that you purchase. Some power steering fluid is only usable with certain makes and models of vehicles. Ensure the list specifies your make and model as a compatible automobile or you will ruin your power steering pump.



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