How To Flush Radiator In A 1988 Mustang

Need to know how to flush the radiator in a 1988 Mustang? Flushing the radiator in a 1988 Ford Mustang is an easy job. You can flush the radiator yourself, save money and have peace of mind because you know the job was done correctly.

To flush the radiator in a 1988 Mustang, you will need:

  • Car jacks
  • A five-gallon bucket
  • New radiator fluid
  • A hose
  • A floor jack
  • A new radiator cap, if needed
  1. Drive your car into your driveway, shut the engine off and let the car cool off. Open the hood and secure the hood with the safety arm.
  2. Jack the car up and put car jacks under each of the front tires. Jack the car down onto the tires. Put the emergency brake on and put a block behind the rear wheel for added security.
  3. Take your drainage pan and put it under the bottom of the radiator plug. Open the radiator plug and let the old radiator fluid flow into the bucket.
  4. Take the radiator cap off your radiator. Check to see if it needs replacing. Replace it if needed. Check the hoses connected to the radiator to see if they have any cracks. Any damaged hoses will have to be changed on your 1988 Ford Mustang.
  5. Disconnect the hoses from the radiator and let the leftover fluid flow into your five-gallon bucket. Take your five-gallon bucket and dump it into a larger disposal bucket. It is good to keep a disposal bucket in your garage if you change your own fluids in your car.
  6. Place the bucket back under your 1988 Mustang radiator. Spray the hose into the top of your radiator to flush out the radiator. Keep spraying the hose into your radiator until the water comes out of the radiator clear.
  7. Put everything back together. Reconnect the hoses and clamps. Put the drainage plug back into the bottom of your 1988 Mustang’s radiator. Dump the rest of the radiator fluid into your larger disposal container.
  8. Put new radiator fluid into your 1988 Mustang. Make sure you fill the radiator up with 1/2 and 1/2 fluid, which you can buy at the auto parts store. Turn your 1988 Ford Mustang on and let it run. Refill the radiator fluid as the car sucks it in to the engine. Make sure you fill the radiator up with the right amount of radiator fluid.
  9. Shut the car off. Put the radiator cap on the radiator. Jack the car up. Take out the car jacks. Jack the car down. Take the block away from the back tire of your 1988 Ford Mustang.
  10. Let the car cool down. Check the radiator one more time before you drive your 1988 Ford Mustang. Put more fluid in the radiator if needed.
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